Summer Road Construction

Utah Land

We’re right in the middle of summer, which means we’re in the middle of road construction season. John Gleason from the Utah Department of Transportation gives us an update on projects that we should keep in mind.

Here are some big projects drivers should know about:

The new freeway-style interchange on Bangerter Highway at Redwood Road is now open, and all lanes and ramps are in their final configuration. This will really help traffic flow in a fast-growing area of the Valley.

This is the second intersection on Bangerter to be converted to an interchange. During the coming years, UDOT will continue to build new interchanges on Bangerter to improve safety and meet our future traffic needs.

The I-15 interchange at 2600 South in Davis County has been redesigned to help reduce traffic delays in the area. It’s scheduled to open in its new configuration as early as Saturday morning.

UDOT would like to remind everyone about the lane splits on northbound I-15 near the Point of the Mountain. They’ve been in place for a few weeks now, and they are allowing us to keep all four lanes open during the daytime while crews work in the middle of the freeway.

In a few weeks, the northbound split is scheduled to be extended farther north, and the southbound lanes are also scheduled to be split. So plan ahead if you’re exiting and get in the right lanes before the split.

Download the UDOT Traffic app for iPhone or Android. It’s got all the information you need to stay in the know about UDOT construction and how it will affect your travel plans. Or you can visit the UDOT Traffic website at


Source: ABC4 News