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Category: Environmental Issues

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The Truth About Density

What’s the real relationship between housing density and quality of life? Will denser zoning ease traffic congestion? Result in high crime rates? Cause an increase in pollution? The answers may surprise you—and your fiercest opponents. As a builder, you probably…

Utah Land

Riparian Ownership Laws

What Is Riparian Ownership? Riparian laws determine who may possess or use water as it flows or touches various properties. In the United States, riparian laws are generally followed in the eastern states. The states on the West Coast follow…

Utah Land

53K Utahns respond to survey about state’s future

SALT LAKE CITY — This past spring, Governor Gary Herbert, state leaders and Envision Utah asked all Utahns to weigh in on what they want their communities to look like in 2050. Nearly 53,000 people responded on a range of…

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Utah Farm Bureau Hosts Midyear Conference in Cedar City, July 16-17

The Utah Farm Bureau Federation will be holding its annual Midyear Conference July 16-17 at Southern Utah University in Cedar City. The conference theme is Farm Bureau Proud. Conference topics will focus on pertinent production agriculture and rural issues. “Midyear…

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Proposed land swap at American Fork Canyon troubles residents

PROVO — Scores of residents packed the Utah County Commission chambers Tuesday to voice their anxiety and disapproval of a proposal that would trade just over 400 acres of coveted land in American Fork Canyon for about 1,400 acres of…

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Study shows vast potential for cutting water use on farms

SALT LAKE CITY — Already 1 million acre-feet of water once used on farms, ranches and orchards throughout the seven states in the Colorado River basin is being “saved,” mainly through water system improvements and reductions in consumption. A probe…

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82 percent of Utah water goes to farmers — here’s why

HUNTSVILLE, Weber County — Utahns are frequently bombarded with water conservation messages encouraging them to “Slow the Flow” of water to their lawns. But many residents might be surprised to learn where most of Utah’s water actually goes. Only 6…