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(Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune) Rio Tinto's general manager of construction Michael Piercey points out the East Waste Rock Project that will stabilize and revegetate the bottom slope of a huge tailings pile at Kennecott.

Utah mine plans to beautify, make waste piles safer

South Jordan • Kennecott provided a peek Monday at company plans to handle new waste rock coming out of the Bingham Canyon mine in a more becoming and environmentally sensitive fashion. Over time, said Kennecott spokesman Kyle Bennett, the work…

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Study shows vast potential for cutting water use on farms

SALT LAKE CITY — Already 1 million acre-feet of water once used on farms, ranches and orchards throughout the seven states in the Colorado River basin is being “saved,” mainly through water system improvements and reductions in consumption. A probe…


Should You Resist the Condemnation of Your Property?

If you received a condemnation notice from the government, you must make the decision whether to accept it or to fight. You may wish to resist the condemnation of your property if you think that the government does not really need…

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82 percent of Utah water goes to farmers — here’s why

HUNTSVILLE, Weber County — Utahns are frequently bombarded with water conservation messages encouraging them to “Slow the Flow” of water to their lawns. But many residents might be surprised to learn where most of Utah’s water actually goes. Only 6…


A Conditional Use Permit for a Specific Use of Land

A conditional use permit is a zoning exception which allows the property owner use of his land in a way not otherwise permitted within the particular zoning district. Though the exact process differs with the specific ordinance requirements, typically the owner presents his argument orally and…

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Nation’s professionals offer advice for downtown Spanish Fork

SPANISH FORK — Efforts to revitalize Spanish Fork’s downtown were in full swing last week. Six professional planners flew in from around the nation to offer their time and insights for the community, free of charge. Dave Anderson, the city’s director…

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Water Source Facts: Pariette Wetlands

Described as an oasis in the Uinta Basin desert, eastern Utah’s Pariette Wetlands provide a welcome respite for a wide range of wildlife. Nearly 100 avian species — including mallards, Canada geese, bald eagles, sandhill cranes and peregrine falcons —…

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Utah County residents pack meeting against new prison

Eagle Mountain • There’s a 50 percent chance the new prison will end up in Utah County — that’s where two of the four potential relocation sites are located. While the odds might not look great, residents opposed to moving…

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Congress Pondering 1031 Exchange

Over the past year, a variety of proposals have emerged from Congress designed to gut the tax code and create a simpler, more fair taxation framework. While many deride the U.S. tax code as “broken,” many sections, including Internal Revenue Code Section 1031, function…