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Category: Policy


A Conditional Use Permit for a Specific Use of Land

A conditional use permit is a zoning exception which allows the property owner use of his land in a way not otherwise permitted within the particular zoning district. Though the exact process differs with the specific ordinance requirements, typically the owner presents his argument orally and…

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Water Source Facts: Pariette Wetlands

Described as an oasis in the Uinta Basin desert, eastern Utah’s Pariette Wetlands provide a welcome respite for a wide range of wildlife. Nearly 100 avian species — including mallards, Canada geese, bald eagles, sandhill cranes and peregrine falcons —…

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Utah County residents pack meeting against new prison

Eagle Mountain • There’s a 50 percent chance the new prison will end up in Utah County — that’s where two of the four potential relocation sites are located. While the odds might not look great, residents opposed to moving…

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Congress Pondering 1031 Exchange

Over the past year, a variety of proposals have emerged from Congress designed to gut the tax code and create a simpler, more fair taxation framework. While many deride the U.S. tax code as “broken,” many sections, including Internal Revenue Code Section 1031, function…

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“Your Utah, Your Future” Survey

How do you envision the future of Utah?  By 2050, our population will nearly double, and Utah will add an estimated 2.5 million residents. Will we have enough water to drink? Will our air be clean? How will we educate…

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The Subdivision Process in Property Development

A subdivision is a parcel of land divided from a larger area. Its purpose is to split a large tract of land into smaller ones that are easier to develop and can be developed independently of one another to increase growth and maximize…

Utah Landowners

Introduction to Property Rights: A Historical Perspective

Everyone seems to have an opinion about property rights, whether about one’s own rights, those of someone else, or the rights of a community. Property rights discussions can reveal diverse and controversial opinions and are often related to larger issues…

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Encroachment: When a Right of Way Becomes Trespass

Easements and encroachments affect the use of one person’s property by another. For example, people may have been crossing your property for years to gain access to adjacent land. The original owner (the owner before you) may have agreed to the access…

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Salt Lake City Parks, Trails and Open Space Initiative

As Salt Lake City residents, we all want our City to be the very best place to live, work and play in the country. Right now, we have an unprecedented opportunity to develop as a community, a once-in-a-generation plan for…