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Category: Taxes

Salt Lake County Taxes


Salt Lake County issued notices for the following cities regarding property tax increases. ————— The following entities are proposing to increase property tax revenues within Salt Lake County. Data is based on a county-wide average value of $251,000. The same…

Utah Property Taxes

Property Tax Relief for Utah Citizens

Utah property values are on the rise, thanks to an economy and consumer confidence that continue to grow. For home and property owners, this also means increased property taxes which are based on valuations of properties that local county assessor…

Property Tax Basics

Property Tax Basics

Basics: Property taxes are assessed on a calendar year. Assessed value is as of the first day of the year for that year’s taxes. Property taxes must be paid to the county treasurer on or before November 30. A penalty…

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County Board of Equalization Contact Information

If you are planning to appeal your property taxes, we posted a helpful article about the appeal process. Each county may handle their property tax appeals differently, please contact the county that your property is in for more information. We…