Most farms in America aren’t family run anymore- right?


Fact: In America, the vast majority of farms and ranches – large and small – are family-owned and operated.

According to the USDA 2007 Census of Agriculture, 95 percent of farms are family farms, accounting for the farming of 84 percent of all farm acreage. And The Atlantic recently reported that for farms with $1 million or more in gross revenues, 88 percent are family farms. And while some farms and ranches have been deemed corporations, the title has little to do with the makeup of their farm or ranch. Rather, this is a standard business practice across all sectors of the economy, that not only assists with accounting purposes, but also protects a family’s best interests in an effort to keep the family farm within that family.

Read the 2007 Ag Census Report here.

The Atlantic wrote a great article about family farms called The Triumph of the Family Farm, read it here.

The U.S. Alliance for Farmers and Ranches prepared the infographic. Read their blog here.

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