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Tag: Drought

Utah Land

Water Year Worries

It’s no mystery that Utah is considered a desert, especially with the above normal temperatures of February and little precipitation that occurred that month. People may be wondering what this all means for Utah’s water year. Will there be enough…

Utah Land

Think Utah’s winter is dry? Just wait

Utah Valley’s snow-less winter may be only the beginning of what’s to come. A new study released last week reveals the second half of the 21st Century is expected to be dryer than it has been for the past 1,000…


Study: Colorado River Basin drying up faster than previously thought

Seven Western states that rely on the Colorado River Basin for valuable water are drawing more heavily from groundwater supplies than previously believed, a new study finds, the latest indication that an historic drought is threatening the region’s future access…

Southern Utah

Drought leads to water restrictions in S. Utah

St. George, Utah • Spurred by ongoing drought conditions that have greatly diminished water levels in the Virgin River and its tributaries, many farmers and residents in southern Utah will no longer be able to use water from the river….


City, business leaders look for solutions for Utah’s drought

UTAH COUNTY — More city and business leaders are looking for long-term water solutions for their communities as the latest winter storms fail to restore hope in an end to Utah’s drought. Northern Utah’s watersheds are down six percent in…