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Utah Land

Land Lines- Week 7

Land Lines – Week 7 The Utah Farm Bureau released their ‘2015 Issues to Watch For’, we have included the link in the Headliners section. The list includes: State Concerns: Regulatory Burdens, Water Issues, Transportation, Property Rights and the outcome…

Utah Land Sales

Land Lines- Week 45

Land Lines – Week 45 Watch for 3Q2014’s newsletter in the next few weeks, the topic for this edition is boundary lines. If you would like to receive a print version click here. Many of you have received the 2Q…

Utah Land

Land Lines- Week 43

Land Lines – Week 43 The prison relocation continues to be a hot topic, the state has narrowed their search to 4 spots. Davis and Tooele counties have been taken off of the list, the most viable spot seems to…

Utah Land

Land Lines- Week 40

Land Lines – Week 40 New home sales surged in August, news like that is always positive for landowners in growth areas. The August rate is 33% higher than August 2013 and is a solid indication of the ongoing recovery…


Land Lines- Week 38 Stats

Land Lines – Week 38   Many of you have received the 2Q Newsletter in the mail, if you haven’t here is the link: http://joom.ag/H55b. Q3 will be mailed out later this fall, if you would like to receive a…

Utah Land

Land Lines- Week 37 Land Stats

Land Lines – Week 37 Here in Utah the average lot size is approximately .18 acres, of course there are a wide variety of factors that come into play when determining that number, we posted an interesting article prepared by…


Land Lines- Week 36

Land Lines – Week 36 Multifamily and commercial construction spending nationally is up significantly, Utah continues to see steady growth in both the residential and commercial sectors. The debate over Public Lands is still heated, we will continue to add…