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The United (Watershed) States of America

The story begins with John Wesley Powell, the great one-armed adventurer and geologist. He was made famous for his successful runs through the Colorado River in 1869 and 1872. But perhaps his most important legacy rests in a lesser-known deed:…

Utah Land

53K Utahns respond to survey about state’s future

SALT LAKE CITY — This past spring, Governor Gary Herbert, state leaders and Envision Utah asked all Utahns to weigh in on what they want their communities to look like in 2050. Nearly 53,000 people responded on a range of…


Private Property Rights Defined

As the battle to stop Sustainable Development grows, it is important that activists have clear definitions of their points as they deal with elected officials and planners who are making policy in their community. Below is a start in defining…

Utah Land

American flag flies high in Pleasant Grove

  PLEASANT GROVE, Utah — A 30- by 60-foot American flag was strung up over the canyon in Pleasant Grove as a patriotic salute for the Fourth of July. What started out as an idea to surprise people, to make…

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Utah County residents pack meeting against new prison

Eagle Mountain • There’s a 50 percent chance the new prison will end up in Utah County — that’s where two of the four potential relocation sites are located. While the odds might not look great, residents opposed to moving…

Utah Land

Utah joins lawsuit over federal fracking rule

SALT LAKE CITY — Gov. Gary Herbert said Utah will join three other states in a legal challenge to a new federal rule that governs hydraulic fracturing, arguing the fledgling regulation duplicates what states are already doing and will be…

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Rally at Capitol blasts Utah’s ‘land-grab casino’

Photo Source: (Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Lawmakers and environmental and public lands advocates rally against the public lands transfer in the capitol rotunda, Monday, March 2, 2015. Rally » Rep. Mike Noel of Kanab, under a hail…

For the love of Utah land…

Enjoy! We have had a great time receiving these shots!!! Keep them coming! If you have photo’s you would like to share email them to info@utahlandowners.com. We are always looking for spectacular land shots, construction images and aerials.

Utah Land

Landowner Q & A

What are the financial impacts that urban developments have on surrounding landowners?   A common concern many landowners have when they hear a piece of property near them is being designed for an urban development is that it will negatively…