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Utah Land

Encroachment: When a Right of Way Becomes Trespass

Easements and encroachments affect the use of one person’s property by another. For example, people may have been crossing your property for years to gain access to adjacent land. The original owner (the owner before you) may have agreed to the access…

Utah Land

Water Rights

A group of rights designed to protect the use and enjoyment of water that travels in streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds, gathers on the surface of the earth, or collects underground. Water rights generally emerge from a person’s ownership of…

Utah Land

Land-Use Control

  Activities such as Zoning, the regulation of the development of real estate, and city planning. Land-use controls have been a part of Western civilization since the Roman Empire in 450 b.c. promulgated regulations concerning setback lines of buildings from…

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Building Codes

  A series of ordinances enacted by a state or local governmental entity, establishing minimum requirements that must be met in the construction and maintenance of buildings. Building codes have been used by governmental units for centuries to ensure that…

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Navigable Waters

  Waters that provide a channel for commerce and transportation of people and goods. Under U.S. law, bodies of water are distinguished according to their use. The distinction is particularly important in the case of so-called navigable waters, which are…

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Adjoining Landowners

Those persons, such as next-door and backyard neighbors, who own lands that share common boundaries and therefore have mutual rights, duties, and liabilities. The reciprocal rights and obligations of adjoining landowners existed at Common Law but have been modified by…



  The separation or division of a municipality into districts, the regulation of buildings and structures in such districts in accordance with their construction and the nature and extent of their use, and the dedication of such districts to particular…

Utah Land

NAHB Pushes to Protect Nation’s Water Resources

Despite the Clean Water Act, the federal government’s role in protecting the nation’s waters remains poorly defined. As home builders, we help shape the nation’s communities and neighborhoods, and we have a vested interest in preserving and protecting the environment—including…

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Quiet Enjoyment

  A Covenant that promises that the grantee or tenant of an estate in real property will be able to possess the premises in peace, without disturbance by hostile claimants. Quiet enjoyment is a right to the undisturbed use and…

Utah Land

Eminent Domain

The power to take private property for public use by a state, municipality, or private person or corporation authorized to exercise functions of public character, following the payment of just compensation to the owner of that property. Federal, state, and…