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Utah Land

Utah Land Group

If you are considering selling your property the Utah Land Group would like the opportunity to represent your interests. They are actively purchasing property for several clients and know there is a demand for additional land in the market. Utah Land Group’s core…

Utah Land

Water Year Worries

It’s no mystery that Utah is considered a desert, especially with the above normal temperatures of February and little precipitation that occurred that month. People may be wondering what this all means for Utah’s water year. Will there be enough…

Utah Land

Grantsville makes zoning changes in attempt to block new prison

GRANTSVILLE — Grantsville city officials are taking matters into their own hands to prevent the Utah State Prison from landing inside the city’s borders, but that doesn’t mean the Utah Legislature will listen. The Grantsville Planning Commission unanimously passed city…

Utah Land

Construction industry rebounding in Utah, U.S.

The Deseret News posted this article. Seeing growth in the construction industry is vital to landowners that are hoping to see property values increase or are in the process of selling. _______________________________________________________________________ Utah’s strong economy is feeding one of the…

Utah Land

New plan allows landowners to remove prairie dogs

  The Utah Wildlife Board approved a plan that will make it easier to remove and manage prairie dogs located on private property. The Utah prairie dog is one of three species of white-tailed prairie dogs in the United States,…

Utah Land

Five Hottest U.S. Housing Markets Where Supply Meets Demand

With a good supply of land and a growing demand for new housing, these five up-and-coming cities will be some of the most lucrative areas for home builders in the next few years. Builders have long awaited a year that…


The Birth of Zoning Codes, a History

The story of American zoning is really the story of how Americans learned to legislate their NIMBY impulses. Before zoning, cities mostly regulated what could be built through nuisance laws. If someone didn’t like how their neighbor was using their…