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Tag: Real Estate

Utah County

Utah County Officials are requesting more freeways

There is no doubt that Utah as a whole is growing, especially Northern Utah County. With new companies like Adobe, IM Flash, Cabella’s, MultiView, Vivent and numerous others in tow we will continue to see growth for decades. Utah County expects…


Week 34 Land Stats

Week 34   I think I spoke too early last week when I praised the sun, although I do enjoy a good thunder and lightning storm. The housing market rose 15.7% nationally in the month of July; check the website…

Salt Lake City Land

Salt Lake County Tax Payer Appeal Process

The article below was prepared by SLCO.org, if you are property owner in Salt Lake County and feel that your property is being over valued you can follow their instructions below. ————— This page contains “DATE” specific information for the…

Utah State Tax Commission

Utah Tax Commission- Commercial Property

The Utah State Tax Commission prepared the information below for commercial property owners. ———— Commercial property tax in Utah is administered by the 29 county governments. The counties’ role begins with the surveying and/or recording of real property ownership records. It…

Salt Lake County Taxes


Salt Lake County issued notices for the following cities regarding property tax increases. ————— The following entities are proposing to increase property tax revenues within Salt Lake County. Data is based on a county-wide average value of $251,000. The same…

Utah Property Taxes

Property Tax Relief for Utah Citizens

Utah property values are on the rise, thanks to an economy and consumer confidence that continue to grow. For home and property owners, this also means increased property taxes which are based on valuations of properties that local county assessor…