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Utah Land

Light rail coming to north Utah County — around 2040

A light rail or bus rapid transit line from Eagle Mountain, through Saratoga Springs and onto the American Fork or Lehi FrontRunner stations — these are options local governments are looking at now, to be built around 2040. Transportation planners…

Utah Land

Group trying to put rezoning of land in Utah County on 2016 ballot

UTAH COUNTY — Thousands of Utah County residents are signing a petition against the county’s recent decision to rezone land. The grass roots group “We Decide” has gathered more than 10,000 signatures. They need at least 20,000 in order for…

Utah State Prison

State prison does not belong in Utah County

We cannot imagine any site in Utah County that would be a viable location for the relocation of the Utah State Prison. Neither of the proposed locations in Utah County fits the criteria the Prison Relocation Commission is using to…

Utah County

Utah County Officials are requesting more freeways

There is no doubt that Utah as a whole is growing, especially Northern Utah County. With new companies like Adobe, IM Flash, Cabella’s, MultiView, Vivent and numerous others in tow we will continue to see growth for decades. Utah County expects…


Where does the Wasatch Front population live?

80% of Utah’s population lives along a 100 mile stretch of the Wasatch Front and Back, see where they are residing along the Wasatch Front…   Source: Decision Data Recourse, EDC Utah