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Utah Land

The Subway- Zion National Park

The Subway is a beautiful semi-technical slot canyon in Zion National Park. To complete the hike you wade/swim/scramble/climb down the Left Fork of North Creek, in the Kolob Terrace section of the park. The stream is the trail for most…

Utah Land

Encroachment: When a Right of Way Becomes Trespass

Easements and encroachments affect the use of one person’s property by another. For example, people may have been crossing your property for years to gain access to adjacent land. The original owner (the owner before you) may have agreed to the access…

Utah Land

Salt Lake City Parks, Trails and Open Space Initiative

As Salt Lake City residents, we all want our City to be the very best place to live, work and play in the country. Right now, we have an unprecedented opportunity to develop as a community, a once-in-a-generation plan for…

Utah Land

Hovenweep National Monument

Imagine sitting at the campground after a long day of hiking and gazing up at the sky. The ancestral Puebloans would have most likely done the same 800 years ago. There are many compelling stories told about Hovenweep. One story…

Utah Subdivisions

Lot sizes in Utah compared to the rest of the country

Based on our experience in Utah’s land market right now, the trend is smaller lots. They maximize density and allow homebuyers that would be priced out of a home the ability to buy. The recent demand for these types of communities have increased…

Utah Land

Utah Land Group

If you are considering selling your property the Utah Land Group would like the opportunity to represent your interests. They are actively purchasing property for several clients and know there is a demand for additional land in the market. Utah Land Group’s core…

Photo Source: SLTRIB

Rally at Capitol blasts Utah’s ‘land-grab casino’

Photo Source: (Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Lawmakers and environmental and public lands advocates rally against the public lands transfer in the capitol rotunda, Monday, March 2, 2015. Rally » Rep. Mike Noel of Kanab, under a hail…