Utah Landowners

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Utah Landowners

Salt Lake County Watershed and Planning

Program History Several programs and departments within Salt Lake County Government have spent countless hours promoting water quality and planning since the late 1970’s. Between 1975 and 1978, the Salt Lake County Planning Commission acted as the Area-Wide Water Quality…

Utah Subdivisions

Lot sizes in Utah compared to the rest of the country

Based on our experience in Utah’s land market right now, the trend is smaller lots. They maximize density and allow homebuyers that would be priced out of a home the ability to buy. The recent demand for these types of communities have increased…

Utah Landowners

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Landowner team up to conserve 6,000 acres

MISSOULA, Mont.—The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation successfully worked with a conservation-minded landowner and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) to permanently protect 6,446 acres of elk habitat in northeast Utah. “We cannot give enough thanks to the Barber family…

Utah rights-of-way

Judge rules largely in favor of Utah on rural roads dispute

A federal judge handed a landmark victory to Kane County and the state of Utah on Wednesday in a years-long dispute with the federal government over whether some rural routes should remain in use as roads, or if they should…