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Utah Land

Study shows vast potential for cutting water use on farms

SALT LAKE CITY — Already 1 million acre-feet of water once used on farms, ranches and orchards throughout the seven states in the Colorado River basin is being “saved,” mainly through water system improvements and reductions in consumption. A probe…

Utah Land

Study: Snake Valley groundwater development unsustainable

SALT LAKE CITY — A hydrologic study commissioned by the Utah Legislature seven years ago concludes any significant groundwater development in Snake Valley and adjacent areas is not sustainable and even current pumping is drawing down the aquifer. The study,…


Utah | Water is Your Business Week

Water is a critical issue and a foundation of our economic prosperity for our state. The Salt Lake Chamber is excited to announce Utah | Water is Your Business Week from August 4 to August 8. We invite you to…


City, business leaders look for solutions for Utah’s drought

UTAH COUNTY — More city and business leaders are looking for long-term water solutions for their communities as the latest winter storms fail to restore hope in an end to Utah’s drought. Northern Utah’s watersheds are down six percent in…