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The United (Watershed) States of America

The story begins with John Wesley Powell, the great one-armed adventurer and geologist. He was made famous for his successful runs through the Colorado River in 1869 and 1872. But perhaps his most important legacy rests in a lesser-known deed:…

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82 percent of Utah water goes to farmers — here’s why

HUNTSVILLE, Weber County — Utahns are frequently bombarded with water conservation messages encouraging them to “Slow the Flow” of water to their lawns. But many residents might be surprised to learn where most of Utah’s water actually goes. Only 6…

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Water Rights

A group of rights designed to protect the use and enjoyment of water that travels in streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds, gathers on the surface of the earth, or collects underground. Water rights generally emerge from a person’s ownership of…

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Navigable Waters

  Waters that provide a channel for commerce and transportation of people and goods. Under U.S. law, bodies of water are distinguished according to their use. The distinction is particularly important in the case of so-called navigable waters, which are…

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Water Year Worries

It’s no mystery that Utah is considered a desert, especially with the above normal temperatures of February and little precipitation that occurred that month. People may be wondering what this all means for Utah’s water year. Will there be enough…

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Think Utah’s winter is dry? Just wait

Utah Valley’s snow-less winter may be only the beginning of what’s to come. A new study released last week reveals the second half of the 21st Century is expected to be dryer than it has been for the past 1,000…

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Water quality critical in caring for livestock

Utah farmers and ranchers take seriously their responsibility for producing a reliable, safe and abundant supply of food. They also take pride in being good stewards of limited natural resources such as land, water and air. As many farms expand,…


Utah | Water is Your Business Week

Water is a critical issue and a foundation of our economic prosperity for our state. The Salt Lake Chamber is excited to announce Utah | Water is Your Business Week from August 4 to August 8. We invite you to…


Study: Colorado River Basin drying up faster than previously thought

Seven Western states that rely on the Colorado River Basin for valuable water are drawing more heavily from groundwater supplies than previously believed, a new study finds, the latest indication that an historic drought is threatening the region’s future access…