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Tag: Zoning

Wasatch Front

Land Use Matters

With the majority of the state’s population residing along a 100 mile stretch of the Wasatch Front and Back, and with the large portion of that along the Wasatch Front land use becomes critical. Utah has a unique geographical situation…


A Conditional Use Permit for a Specific Use of Land

A conditional use permit is a zoning exception which allows the property owner use of his land in a way not otherwise permitted within the particular zoning district. Though the exact process differs with the specific ordinance requirements, typically the owner presents his argument orally and…



  The separation or division of a municipality into districts, the regulation of buildings and structures in such districts in accordance with their construction and the nature and extent of their use, and the dedication of such districts to particular…


The Birth of Zoning Codes, a History

The story of American zoning is really the story of how Americans learned to legislate their NIMBY impulses. Before zoning, cities mostly regulated what could be built through nuisance laws. If someone didn’t like how their neighbor was using their…

Utah Land

The ins and outs of zoning

Zoning ordinances and regulations are laws setting limits on how you can use your property. Cities, counties, townships and other local governments use zoning laws to guide development and shape the community, usually under an overall zoning plan. Why Zoning…

Utah Land

Don’t put Utah County foothills at risk

Two weeks ago the Utah County Commission made a decision against their staff’s recommendation to approve a zoning change in northern Utah County. This change would allow development on what has historically been protected land. Prior to this break with…

Land Values

How Historical Designations Affect Property Values

When Brooklyn Heights was named New York City’s first historic district in 1965, preservation advocates were delighted. From the modest pre–Civil War federal style to the late-19th-century Greek Revival–style mansions, one of the nation’s most diverse collections of architecture would…