Land Use Matters

Wasatch Front

With the majority of the state’s population residing along a 100 mile stretch of the Wasatch Front and Back, and with the large portion of that along the Wasatch Front land use becomes critical. Utah has a unique geographical situation with development blocks in every direction; we essentially have nowhere to expand.

Knowing what zone your property currently resides in, what zone you are general planned for, and what your municipalities transportation  and improvement  plans are plays an important part in the future of your property. While you may not have any interest in selling or developing right now, if you or your heirs come to a point when the property needs to be sold, understanding what you own will be important.

Land use regulation and policy have a tremendous impact on property values, both in positive and negative ways; they affect every landowner regardless of acreage amount and location. The effects on property values will, in many cases, occur gradually over a period of time. Public policy and land use regulations have a significant bearing on how families and businesses manage and potentially sell their land and what the future use will be.

You can get a copy of your city’s zoning maps and general plans by visiting your Planning and Zoning offices or by clicking here.